Nowoczesna Firma S.A.

NF responds to specific needs of entrepreneurs. The company offers possibilities exactly, where the biggest competence gaps among the managing staff exist. They are connected to developing solutions suited for individual needs and the specificity of Polish market.

The goals will be realized by facilitating the access to knowledge and inspirations in the area of management and by promoting best practices. Important task is to overcome mental and structural barriers of SMEs, so that through the positive experience of the programme they could become promoters of knowledge in their companies and environment. The next step is to support development of projects in the SMEs sector, including promotion of reliable suppliers of knowledge and solutions dedicated to this sector.

Management Obserwatory Foundation

Management Observatory Foundation (FOZ) is a non-governmental organization with high potential, achievements and an 18 persons team of experienced emploees. We are located in the Centre of Warsaw and in our team is a group of 96 cooperating experts. FOZ promotes good practices in business, sharing  of knowledge and experience and cooperation in environmental management, improving the professional qualifications of the managers as well as lays down standards of management. Projects implemented by the Foundation Management Observatory are addressed to senior managers and are primarily related to:

  • Business strategies, with a particular focus on human resources management in the organization
  • Continuous improvement, including research and analysis of the training needs of the organization, the design of the training schedules and analysis of the effects of investments in internal and external communication training
  • Usage of  Internet and new media


Sviluppumbria works for economic development and competitiveness of Umbria in accordance with the Regione Umbria’s policies and decrees.

Sviluppumbria implements its mission in particular by:

a) development and implementation of programs and measures to support and promote development in the context of regional planning; b) development and implementation of local development projects as required by regional law July 9, 2007, n. 23; c) economic stimulation and support by implementing regional development policies with particular reference to innovation and internationalisation; d) activities related to the Regione’s projects of international, decentralised and transnational development cooperation; e) activities related to preventive policies to prevent sectoral and / or company crises.

Paragon Europe

Paragon Ltd. Was founded in 2004 with the objective of targeting EU funding opportunities for both the local and the foreign market. Since its inception Paragon Ltd. has avocated the importance of integrating innovation techniques as the basis for solid business strategies. Paragon Ltd. has a multi-disciplinary team of experts and researchers who are capable of providing a substantial input in project activities.

As a result of its vast experience in various EU founded projects, Paragon Ltd.  has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the administration and legal procedures at EU and at national level. Paragon Ltd. also has a training unit that is capable of devising training courses for different audiences and different subject areas.


analysis consulting and interdisciplinary research – is a social research institute, which has been successfully carrying out application-oriented projects, research and evaluation in an interdisciplinary network since 1999. Abif provides high-quality work based on a multi-methodological approach in the following areas:

  • Labour market: vocational guidance, e-Guidance, career entry, professional careers, employment opportunities, career and qualification requirements, competences.
  • World of work: working conditions, maintaining the working capacity, health, rehabilitation, discrimination, diversity, biographical research.
  • Further education: quality, needs, lifelong learning.

Besides research projects abif organizes conferences and workshops on current topics. The institute is also active in compiling practical handbooks for counsellors as well as career information for people in vocational orientation and choosing an education.